Antarctic Taxa

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Scientific NameAuthorityCommon Name Observations
Acaena magellanica (Lam.) Vahl Observations
Acaena sanguisorbae (L.) M.Vahl Observations
Acaena sarmentosa (Thouars) Carm. Observations
Acaena stangii Christopherson Observations
Acrobolbus ochrophyllus (Hook.f. & Taylor) R.M.Schust., Rev. Bryol. Lich¿nol. Observations
Acrocladium auriculatum Observations
Agropyron repens (L.) P.Beauv. Observations
Agrostis lachnantha Nees Observations
Agrostis magellanica Lam. Observations
Agrostis stolonifera L. Creeping bent Observations
Agrostis tenuis Vasey Observations
Aira caryophyllea L. Silvery hairgrass Observations
Alga sp. Observations
Alga sp./Cyanobacterium Observations
Amblystegium sp. Observations
Anagallis alternifolia Cav. Observations
Anagallis arvensis L. Scarlet pimpernell Observations
Anagallis arvensis ssp. arvensis L. Observations
Andreaea acuminata Mitt. Observations
Andreaea acutifolia Hook. Fil. et Wils. Observations
Andreaea nitida Hook.f. & Wilson Observations
Andreaea parallela C. Müll. Observations
Andreaea regularis C. Müll. Observations
Andreaea sp. Observations
Anisothecium hookeri (C. Müll.) Broth. Observations
Anisothecium vaginatum (Hook.) Mitt. Observations
Ankistrodesmus antarcticus Kol et Flint 1967 Observations
Anthemis cotula L. Stinking mayweed Observations
Anthoxanthum odoratum L. Sweet vernal grass Observations
Apium australe Thouars Observations
Apium goughense Bak.f. & Wilk. Observations
Apium graveolens L. Celery Observations
Asplenium alvarenzense R. Br. Observations
Asplenium erectum Willd. Observations
Asplenium insulare Carm. Observations
Asplenium monanthes L. Observations
Asplenium obtusatum G.Forster Observations
Asplenium obtusatum var. crassum Forst. f.; (Thouars.) C.Chr. Observations
Athyrium medium (Carm.) Moore Observations
Azorella selago Hook.f. Observations
Bartramia patens Brid. Observations
Bartramia patens var. papillata Brid.; (Hook. f. & Wils.) Zant. Observations
Bellis perennis L. English daisy Observations
Binuclearia tatrana Wittrock 1886 Observations
Binuclearia tectorum (Kitzing) Beger in Wichmann 1937 Observations
Blechnum penna-marina (Poir.) Kuhn Observations
Blepharidophyllum densifolium (Hook.) Angstr. Observations
Blindia magellanica Schimp. Observations
Botryococcus sp. Observations
Brachythecium austrosalebrosum (C. Muell.) Kindb. Observations
Brachythecium paradoxum (Hook. Fil. et Wils) Jaegr. Observations
Brachythecium rutabulum (Hedw.) Bruch, Schimp., & W. G¿mbel Observations
Brachythecium sp. Observations
Brachythecium subpilosum Observations
Brachythecium subplicatum (Hamp.) Jaeg. Observations
Brachythecium subplicatum var. minus (Hamp.) Jaeg.; Card. & Broth. Observations
Brachythecium turgens Dus. Observations
Bracteacoccus minor var. glacialis Flint in Kol et Flint 1968 Observations
Brassica juncea (L.) Czern. & Coss Observations
Brassica rapa L. Observations
Breutelia integrifolia (Tayl.) Jaeg. Observations
Breutelia propinqua Kaal. Observations
Breutelia tenuifolia (Mitt.) Par. Observations
Bromus unioloides Kunth Observations
Bromus willdenowii Kunth Observations
Bryum amblyodon Observations
Bryum antarcticum Observations
Bryum argenteum Hedw. Observations
Bryum dichotomum Hedw. Observations
Bryum eatonii Mitt. Observations
Bryum inconnexum Observations
Bryum korotkevicziae Observations
Bryum laevigatum Hook. Fil. et Wils. Observations
Bryum ongulense Observations
Bryum pallescens Schleich. ex Schwaegr. Observations
Bryum pseudotriquetrum (Hedw.) Gaertn., Meyer & Scherb. Observations
Bryum sp. Observations
Bryum tenellicaule Card. Observations
Bryum urbanskyi Broth. Observations
Bucklandiella crispula (Hook. f. & Wilson) Benarek-Ochyra & Ochyra Observations
Calliergon acuminatum Dix. Observations
Callitriche antarctica Engelm. ex Hegelm. Observations
Calystegia sepium (L.) R.Br. Observations
Calystegia sepium ssp. americana (L.) R.Br.; (Sims) Brummitt. Observations
Calystegia soldanella (L.) Roemer & Schultes Observations
Campylopus arboricola Observations
Campylopus cavifolius Mitt. Observations
Campylopus clavatus (R.Br.) Wilson Observations
Campylopus introflexus (Hedw.) Brid. Observations
Campylopus introflexus var. polytrichoides (Hedw.) Brid.; (De Not.) Giac. Observations
Campylopus sp. Observations
Campylopus subnitens Kaal. Observations
Campylopus vesticaulis Mitt. Observations
Cardamine glacialis (Forst.f.) D.C. Observations
Cardamine glacialis ssp. subcarnosa (Forst.f.) D.C.; (Hook.f.) O.E.Schultz Observations
Cardamine propinqua Carm. Observations
Carex caduca Boott Observations
Carex insularis Carm. Observations
Carex thouarsii Carm. Observations
Carex thouarsii var. recurvata Carm.; Christoph. Observations
Catagonium politum (Hook. Fil. et Wils.) Broth. Observations
Centella asiatica (L.) Urban Observations
Cephaloziella cf. varians Observations
Cerastium fontanum Baumg. Observations
Cerastium fontanum ssp. triviale Baumg.; (Link.) Jalas Observations
Cerastium sp. Observations
Ceratodon purpureus Dixon, 1914 Observations
Ceratodon purpureus f. lingulatus (Hedw.) Brid. Observations
Characium sp. Observations
Chenopodium ambrosioides L. Mexican tea Observations
Chenopodium murale L. Nettle-leaved goosefoot Observations
Chenopodium sp. Observations
Chenopodium tomentosum Thouars Observations
Chlamydomonas agloÙformis Pascher 1927 Observations
Chlamydomonas ballenyana Kol in Kol et Flint 1968/? Observations
Chlamydomonas nivalis (Bauer) Wille Observations
Chlamydomonas sp. Observations
Chlamydomonas subcaudata Wille Observations
Chlorella reisiglii S. Watanabe 1977/? Observations
Chlorella sp. Observations
Chlorella vulgaris Beijerinck 1890/? Observations
Chloromonas sp. Observations
Chlorosarcina sp. Observations
Chlorosphaera sp. Observations
Chorisodontium aciphyllum Observations
Chrysococcus antarcticus Observations
Clasmatocolea humilis (Hook. Fil. et Tayl.) Grolle Observations
Coccobotrys sp./? Observations
Coccomyxa gloeobotrydiformis Reisigl 1969/? Observations
Coccomyxa sp. Observations
Coelastrum astroideum De Notaris 1867 Observations
Coelastrum morus W. et G.S. West 1896 Observations
Coenocystis sp. Observations
Colobanthus kerguelensis Hook.f. Observations
Conyza bonariensis (L.) Cronq. Flaxleaf fleabane Observations
Conyza floribunda Kunth Observations
Conyza sp. Observations
Coronopus didymus (L.) Smith Lesser swinecress Observations
Coscinodon lawianus (Willis) Ochyra Observations
Cosmarium bioculatum var. depressum (Schaarschmidt) Schmidle 1894 Observations
Cosmarium clepsydra Nordstedt 1870 Observations
Cosmarium clepsydra var. depressum Hirano 1979 Observations
Cosmarium clepsydra var. dissimile (Raciboski) Krieger et Gerloff 1965 Observations
Cosmarium clepsydra var. granulatum Hirano 1979 Observations
Cosmarium clepsydra var. undulatum Hirano 1979 Observations
Cosmarium praemorsum BrÚbisson 1856 Observations
Cosmarium sp. Observations
Cosmarium subcrenatum Hantzsch in Rabenhorst 1861 Observations
Cosmarium yukidoriense Hirano 1979 Observations
Cotula australis (Sprengel) J.D.Hook. Observations
Cotula coronopifolia L. Waterbuttons Observations
Cotula goughensis R. Br. Observations
Cotula villosa D.C. Observations
Crassula moschata G.Forst. Observations
Crassula pelucida L. Observations
Cratoneuron filicinum Observations
Cratoneuropsis chilensis Observations
Crepis capillaris (L.) Schwaegr. Smooth hawksbead Observations
Crucigenia apiculata (Lemmermann) Schmidle 1900 Observations
Crucigenia tetrapedia (Kirchner) W. et G.S. West 1902 Observations
Crucigeniella apiculata (Lemmermann) Komßrek 1974 Observations
Cryptochila grandiflora Grolle Observations
Cyclodictyon laete-virens (Hook. & Tayl.) Mitt. Observations
Cylindrocystis sp. Observations
Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers. Couch grass Observations
Cyperus congestus M.Vahl Dense flatsedge Observations
Cyperus tenellus L.f. Tiny flatsedge Observations
Deschampsia antarctica E.Desv. Observations
Dicranella sp. Observations
Dicranodontium insularum Bartr. Observations
Dicranoloma atlanticum Bartr. Observations
Dicranoloma billardieri (Brid.) Par. Observations
Dicranoloma hariotii Observations
Dicranoloma imponens (Mont.) Ren. Observations
Dicranoweisia antarctica (Müll. Hal.) Paris Observations
Dicranoweisia dryptodontoides (C. Muell.) Broth. Observations
Dictyosphaerium elegans Bachmann 1913 Observations
Dictyosphaerium sp. Observations
Dictyosphaerium subsolitarium Van Goor 1924 Observations
Didymodon austroalpigena (C. Muell.) Broth. Observations
Digitaria sanguinalis (L.) Scop. Observations
Diplosphaera mucosa Broady 1982 Observations
Diplostichum longirostre (Brid.) Mont. Observations
Distichium capillaceum (Hedw.) B.S.G. Observations
Distichophyllum fasciculatum Mitt. Observations
Distichophyllum imbricatum Mitt. Observations
Ditrichum conicum (Mont.) Broth. Observations
Ditrichum immersum Van Zanten Observations
Ditrichum spirale Observations
Ditrichum strictum (Hook. Fil. et Wils) Hampe Observations
Drepanocladus aduncus (Hedw.) Warnst. Observations
Ducellieria chodatii (Ducellier) Teiling 1957 Observations
Dunaliella sp. Observations
Elaphoglossum conforme (Sw.) J.Smith Observations
Elaphoglossum randii Alston & Schelpe Observations
Eleusine indica (L.) Gaertner Observations
Empetrum rubrum L. Observations
Empetrum rubrum f. medium Vahl ex Willd.; (Carm) R.Good. Observations
Empetrum rubrum f. pulvinatum Vahl ex Willd.; Christoph. Observations
Empetrum rubrum var. tristanitorum Vahl ex Willd.; Christoph. Observations
Eriopus apiculatus (Hook. f. & Wils.) Mitt. Observations
Euphorbia peplus L. Observations
Eurhynchium praelongum Observations
Festuca contracta Kirk Observations
Ficus carica L. Observations
Fissidens fluitans Dix. Observations
Fossombronia australis Mitt. Observations
Galium aparine L. Observations
Geranium dissectum L. Observations
Glyceria sp. Observations
Gnaphalium luteo-album L. Observations
Gnaphalium purpureum L. Observations
Gnaphalium pyramidale Thouars Observations
Gnaphalium thouarsii Spreng. Observations
Gonatozygon sp. Observations
Grammitis armstrongii Tind. Observations
Grammitis magellanica Desv. Observations
Grammitis poeppigeana Observations
Grimmia immerso-leucophaea Observations
Grimmia incrassicapsulis B.G.Bell Observations
Grimmia kerguelensis Card. Observations
Grimmia lawiana Observations
Grimmia plagiopodia Hedw. Observations
Grimmia reflexidens Mull. Hal. Observations
Hennediella antarctica (aengstr.) Ochyra & Matteri Observations
Hennediella heimii (Hedwig) RH Zander Observations
Hepatic sp. Observations
Herbertus sp. Observations
Holcus lanatus L. Observations
Hormidiopsis crenulata (Kitzing) Heering 1914 Observations
Hormidium mucosum Boye-Petersen 1915 Observations
Hormidium sp. Observations
Hormotila blennista Trainor et Hilton 1964 Observations
Hydrocotyle asiatica L. Observations
Hydrocotyle capitata Thouars Observations
Hydrocotyle sp. Observations
Hygroamblystegium filum (C. Müll.) Reim. Observations
Hymenophyllum aernginosum (Poir.) Carm. Observations
Hymenophyllum peltatum (Poir.) Desv. Observations
Hymenophyllum peltatum var. menzesii (Poir.) Desv.; (Presl.) C.Chr. Observations
Hymenophyllum tunbrigense (L.) Sm. Observations
Hypnum cupressiforme Hedw. Observations
Hypnum cupressiforme var. chrysogaster Hedw. Observations
Hypnum elatum Dix. Observations
Hypnum elatum f. robusta Observations
Hypolepis rugosula (Labill.) J.Smith Observations
Isolepis cernua (Vahl) Roemer & Schultes Observations
Isopterygium pulchellum var. antarcticum (Hedw.) Jaeg.; (Mitt.) Zant. Observations
Jamesoniella colorata (Lehm.) Schiffn. Observations
Juncus bufonius L. Observations
Juncus effusus L. Observations
Juncus macer S.F.Gray Observations
Juncus sp. Observations
Juncus tenuis Willd. Observations
Kentrosphaera bristolae G.M. Smith 1933/? Observations
Kentrosphaera facciolae Borzi 1883 Observations
Kentrosphaera sp. Observations
Kiaeria pumila (Mitt.) Ochyra Observations
Kirchneriella obesa (W. West) Schmidle 1893 Observations
Klebsormidium montanum (Skuja) S. Watanabe 1983 Observations
Klebsormidium sp. Observations
Koliella sp. Observations
Leonotis leonosus (L.) R.Br. Observations
Lepraria sp. Observations
Leptinella plumosa Hook.f. Observations
Leptobryum pyriforme (Hedw.) Wilson Observations
Leptobryum wilsonii (Mitt.) Broth. Observations
Leptodontium interruptum (Mitt.) Broth. Observations
Leptodontium microruncinatum Dus. Observations
Leptodontium proliferum Herz. Observations
Lobelia erinus L. Observations
Lycopodium diaphanum Sw. Observations
Lycopodium insulare Carm. Observations
Lycopodium magellanicum Sw. Observations
Lycopodium saururus Lam. Observations
Macromitrium antarcticum Wright Observations
Malva parviflora L. Observations
Marchantia berteroana Ldbg. Observations
Marchantia sp. Observations
Medicago polymorpha L. Observations
Medicago sativa L. Observations
Microspora stagnorum (Kitzing) Lagerheim 1887/? Observations
Mielichhoferia campylocarpa (Hook. et Arn.) Mitt. Observations
Monoraphidium komarkovae Nygaard 1979 Observations
Montia fontana L. Observations
Montia fontana ssp. fontana L. Observations
Muelleriella crassifolia (Hook.f. & Wilson) Dus¿n Observations
Myrmecia bisecta Reisigl 1964 Observations
Myrmecia sp. Observations
Nertera assurgens Thouars Observations
Nertera depressa Gaertner Observations
Nertera depressa f. depressa Banks & Sol. ex Gaertn. Observations
Nertera depressa f. fimbriata Banks & Sol. ex Gaertn.; Christoph. Observations
Nertera grandadensis (Mutis) Druce Observations
Nertera holmboei Christoph. Observations
Netrium oblongum var. oblongum (De Bary) L³tkem³ller 1902 Observations
Oedogonium sp. Observations
Oenothera indecora ssp. bonariensis Cambers.; Dietrich. Observations
Oocystis minuta Guillard, Bold et Mac Entee 1975 Observations
Oocystis submarina Lagerheim 1886 Observations
Ophioglossum crotalophoroides Walt. Observations
Orthodontium lineare Schw¿gr. Observations
Oxalis purpurea L. Observations
Pachyglossa dissitifolia Herz. & Grolle Observations
Palmodictyon viride Kitzing 1845 Observations
Pandorina morum (O.F. M³ller) Bory 1924 Observations
Pelargonium acugnaticum Thouars Observations
Pelargonium australe var. acugnaticum Thouars. Observations
Pelargonium grossularioides (L.) Ait. Observations
Penium sp. Observations
Philonotis angustifolia Observations
Philonotis scabrifolia (Hook.f. & Wilson) Braithw. Observations
Philonotis sp. Observations
Philonotis tenuis (Tayl.) Jaegr. Observations
Philonotis vagans (Hook. f. & Wils.) Mitt. Observations
Phylica arborea Thouars Observations
Phyllogonium viscosum (P. Beauv.) Mitt. Observations
Plagiochila heterodonta (Hook. f. & Tayl.) Gott., Lindenb. & Nees Observations
Plagiothecium cavifolium (Brid.) Iwats. Observations
Plagiothecium georgico-antarcticum (C. Muell.) Kindb. Observations
Plagiothecium orthocarpum Mitt. Observations
Plagiothecium platyphyllum Moenk. Observations
Plantago lanceolata L. Observations
Plantago major L. Observations
Plantago sp. Observations
Pleurococcus antarcticus W. et G.S. West 1911 em. Fritsch 1912 Observations
Pleurococcus antarcticus f. robusta W. et G.S. West 1911 Observations
Pleurococcus sp. Observations
Poa annua L. Observations
Poa cookii (Hook.f.) Hook.f. Observations
Poa infirma Kunth Observations
Poa pratensis L. Observations
Poa trivialis L. Observations
Pohlia nutans (Hedw.) Lindb. Observations
Polycarpon tetraphyllum (L.) L. Observations
Polygonum aviculare L. Observations
Polypogon intermedius Carm. Observations
Polypogon monspeliensis (L.) Desf. Observations
Polystichum marionense Alston & Schelpe Observations
Polytrichadelphus magellanicus (Hedw.) Mitt. Observations
Polytrichum juniperinum Hedw. Observations
Polytrichum piliferum Hedw. Observations
Potamogeton sp. Observations
Pottia austro-georgica Observations
Pottia heimii Observations
Prasiola crispa subsp. antarctica (Kitzing) Knebel 1936 Observations
Prasiola sp. Observations
Pringlea antiscorbutica R.Br. Ex Hook.f. Observations
Prunella vulgaris L. Observations
Pseudococcomyxa simplex (Mainx) Fott Observations
Psilopilum laxiflorum Dix. et Ther. Observations
Psilopilum tristaniense Dix. Observations
Ptychomnion densifolium (Brid.) A. Jaeger Observations
Ptychomnion ringianum Broth. & Kaal. Observations
Racomitrium aquaticum Observations
Racomitrium breutelioides Dix. Observations
Racomitrium crispulum (Hook.f. et Wilson) Hook.f. et Wilson Observations
Racomitrium decurrens Dix. Observations
Racomitrium gracillimum Dix. Observations
Racomitrium heterostichoides Observations
Racomitrium lanuginosum (Hedw.) Brid. Observations
Racomitrium willii Observations
Radiofilum flavescens G.S. West 1899 Observations
Ranunculus biternatus Sm. Observations
Ranunculus caroli Christoph. Observations
Ranunculus moseleyi Hook. f. Observations
Ranunculus repens L. Observations
Raphidonema nivale Lagerh. Observations
Raphidonema pyrenoidifera Korsikov 1953 Observations
Raphidonema sp. Observations
Rhizogonium spiniforme Observations
Rhynchostegium isopterygioides Card. Observations
Romulea rosea var. australis Observations
Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum (L.) Hayek Observations
Rosa rubignosa L. Observations
Rostkovia tristanensis Christoph. Observations
Rubus saxatilis L. Observations
Rumex acetosella Murr. Observations
Rumex angiocarpous Maro. Observations
Rumex cf. obtusifolius Observations
Rumex crispus L. Observations
Rumex frutescens Thouars Observations
Rumex obtusifolius L. Observations
Rumex obtusifolius ssp. agrestis L.; (Fr.) Danser. Observations
Rumex obtusifolius ssp. obtusifolius L. Observations
Rumex sp. Observations
Rumex steudelii Hochst. Observations
Rumohra adiantiformis (G.Forster) Ching Observations
Sagina apetala Ard. Observations
Salix babylonica L. Observations
Sanionia uncinata (Hedw.) Loeske Observations
Sarconeurum glaciale (C. Müll.) Card. & Bryhn Observations
Scenedesmus acuminatus (Lagerheim in Wittrock et Nordstedt) Chodat 1902 Observations
Scenedesmus armatus Chodat 1913 Observations
Scenedesmus opoliensis P. Richter 1896 Observations
Schistidium antarctici (Card.) L. Savic. & Smirn. Observations
Schistidium falcatum (Hook. Fils. & Wils.) Zant. Observations
Schistochila carnosa (Mitt.) Steph. Observations
Scirpus bicolor Carm. Observations
Scirpus bicolor var. virens (Carm.) Spreng.; (Boerck.) Hemsl. Observations
Scirpus chlorostachyus Levyns Observations
Scirpus inundatus (R.Br.) Sprengel Observations
Scirpus sp. Observations
Scirpus sulcatus Thouars Observations
Scirpus sulcatus var. moseleyanus Thouars; (Boeckl.) Hemsl. Observations
Scirpus thouarsianus Schult. Observations
Scirpus thouarsianus var. bicolor Schult.; (Carm.) Hems. Observations
Scirpus thouarsianus var. virens Schult.; (Boeck.) Hemsl. Observations
Scirpus verruculosus (Nees) Steud. Observations
Scirpus virens Borckl. Observations
Scleranthus annus L. Observations
Scotiella nivalis (Shuttlleworth) Frisch 1912 Observations
Scotiella sp. Observations
Sematophyllum crassiusculum (Brid.) Broth. Observations
Senecio vulgaris L. Observations
Silene alba (Miller) E.H.L.Krause Observations
Silene gallica L. Observations
Solanum nigrum L. Observations
Sonchus arvensis L. Observations
Sonchus asper Vill. Observations
Sonchus oleraceus L. Observations
Sophora macnabiana Grah. Observations
Sophora tetraptera J.F.Miller Observations
Spartina arundinacea (Thouars) Carm. Observations
Spergula arvensis L. Observations
Sphaerocystis schroeteri f. nivalis Fritsch 1912 Observations
Sphagnum recurvum var. amblyphyllum P. Beauv.; (Russ.) Warnst. Observations
Sphagnum sp. Observations
Sporobolus capensis (Willd.) Kunth Observations
Sporobolus indicus (L.) R.Br. Observations
Staurastrum coarctatum BrÚbisson 1856 Observations
Staurastrum sp. Observations
Staurastrum subteliferum Roy et Bissett 1886 Observations
Stellaria media (L.) Vill. Observations
Stichococcus bacillaris Nõgeli 1849 Observations
Stichococcus exiguus Gerneck 1907 Observations
Stichococcus minutus Grintz. & Peterfi Observations
Stichococcus sp. Observations
Stigeoclonium sp. Observations
Syntrichia filaris (C. Muell. in Neum.) Zand. Observations
Syntrichia princeps (De Not.) Mitt. Observations
Syntrichia sarconeurum Ochyra & R.H. Zander Observations
Syrrhopodon atlanticus Dix. Observations
Tetraedron minimum (A. Braun) Hansgirg 1888 Observations
Thelypteris tomentosa (Thouars.) Ching Observations
Thuidium curvatum Mitt. Observations
Tortula ruralis (Hedw.) P. Gaertn., B. Mey. & Scherb. Observations
Trematodon flexipes Mitt., in Hook.f. & Wilson Observations
Trichomanes angustatum Carmich. Observations
Trifolium dubium Sibth. Observations
Trifolium micranthum Viv. Observations
Trifolium pratense L. Observations
Trifolium repens L. Observations
Trochiscia aciculifera (Lagerheim) Hansgirg 1888/? Observations
Trochiscia reticularis (Reinsch) Hansgirg sensu Croasdale 1973 Observations
Trochiscia rubra Kol 1968 Observations
Ulex europaeus L. Observations
Ulothrix sp. Observations
Ulothrix tenerrima (Kitz.) Kitz. Observations
Uncinia brevicaulis Thouars Observations
Uncinia brevicaulis f. brevifolia Thouars; Christoph. Observations
Uncinia brevicaulis var. brevicaulis Thouars. Observations
Uncinia brevicaulis var. gracilior Thouars.; Hemsley Observations
Uncinia compacta R.Br. Observations
Uncinia compacta var. elongata R. Br.; C.B.Clarke Observations
Uncinia gracilis Thouars. Observations
Uncinia macrolepis Decne. Observations
Uncinia sp. Observations
Uronema sp. Observations
Verbascum virgatum Stokes Observations
Verbena officionalis L. Observations
Vittaria stricta Carm. Observations
Vittaria vittarioides (Thouars.) C.Chr. Observations
Willia calobolax Observations
Xeranthemum caespitosum (Petit) Thouars Observations

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