Survey control

The Survey Control database contains coordinate, height, access and other information relating to 2341 survey control marks located at sites in Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic islands of Macquarie Island and Heard and McDonald Islands.

Users can obtain survey control station site summaries, survey control mark summaries and brief mark reports in text or CSV formats. If you are logged in via the Data Centre Portal, then you can also download as a single zip, stations summaries with associated documents such as aerial photographs, ground images and the original station summaries in excel or gif form

NOTE: Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the data contained in this database. It would be appreciated if users would report any factual errors via the request form.

The default datum for horizontal coordinate information is WGS84. Users should carefully check the datum displayed with coordinates before using them.

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Haupt Nunatak, Budd Coast
Hyslop, J

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